VIP Seats, Buying & Selling Tickets

About Us

VIPSEATS is a company that buys and sells event tickets for individuals, groups and businesses to many hard-to-get events all over the world. We have quietly become one of the leading provider of premium event tickets to both the travel and concierge industries throughout North America.

Since 1993, VIPSEATS has made buying and selling event tickets hassle-free for over 50,000 of their satisfied clients!   

We take pride in providing our clients top-notch customer service! After all, our customer service department is what separates us from our competition. Our clients have gained our trust over the years to provide quality event tickets at the best price. 

VIPSEATS is owned by Della Giammusso. 

Our Story

Della Giammusso developed her entrepreneurial spirit early on, watching her parents strive to build a small business after emigrating from Italy.

It was that same spirit in 1994, that led VIPSEATS, a ticket company, which started with no more than a fax machine, a telephone and a used computer.  

Drawing from her respective business experiences, Della was able to transform this startup into a successsful company through a strategic combination of ticket and travel services.

Della's passion for the world of business showed in her achievements.  Della graduated cum laude from the prestigious UB's School of Management and went on sharpening her skills in the fields of marketing research and sales, which she would later put to use at VIPSEATS.

She was fortunate to have so many different experiences at such a young age. These experiences gave her the confidence and developed a foundation for her to build a sound footing for her current entrepreneurial endeavor and her passion- VIPSEATS.COM!

With her experience in the industry, she knew she could develop a niche by offering top notch customer service and quality seating!   

Over the years she's established her niche in the ticket business and her customers keep coming back for more!



(716) 632-9982 or 1-(800) 371-6323

Hours: 9am-9pm  Monday - Sunday

NYS License: 77VI1001638